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Acts to Watch ‘13 - MØ


Which moments defined MØ in 2012?
Hmm… I think it must have been the moment we played the opening tune at our first concert in New York during CMJ Festival back in October. It was at a House Party in Brooklyn, and me and my band hadn’t really had time to practice up ‘till the concert, so we were just like - “okay, fuck it let’s just do it and see what happens” - It was a wonderful challenge, and so much fun.. and I were told afterwards that the concert went pretty well too.

Who or what influences you?
Moods, People I’m surrounded by, Noise and Silence, Mountains and the life in the city, Sonic Youth, Aesthetics, Trash, Tornadoes, Love, Restlessness and Astray people, Small towns, Empty buildings, Parties, The ocean, Killing your self slowly - living forever, daydreams, leaving everything behind, Life in general… Being young and unaware.

Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?
I’ve heard some relating me to Grimes, and that of course makes me very happy, since I’m a big fan and have the utmost respect for her, but I wouldn’t say that our sound is very alike. I’ve heard some people compare me to Santigold, which is also cool. People talk about my music as a mix of soul, indie pop and street vibes… And I think they are quite right about that, so I don’t mind them saying so - I would say the same.

What can we expect from MØ in 2013?
An honest work of music made by a confused post-teenage girl from the countryside and a brilliant producer. (Ronni Vindahl from No Wav.)

Who you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?
Aww you guys are so sweet. Well, a very, very cool upcoming grunge band or something like that. But I don’t listening a lot to music, especially not these days where I’m so busy finishing up my album, so I haven’t looked enough into new bands to mention one. All the bands I fancy right now are waaaaay ahead of me, so I would have to catch up a lot, to announce them to support MØ, hehe

MØ online

Acts to Watch ‘13 - Asbjørn

Which moments defined Asbjørn in 2012?
The release of ‘Sunken Ships’ was of course an extremely important thing to me. After working on the album more than one and a half year, it was a true relief and a very proud moment. In other areas this years SPOT Festival in Denmark sort of opened the German market for me and evil alliances were formed!

Who or what influences you?
After touring with ‘Sunken Ships’ I’ve noticed the elements in my music that create the most meaningful interaction with my audience. I’m back in the studio recording new material and I’m trying to capture that vibe from the stage, when it all just makes sense, to increase the possibility of this magical contact with the crowd.

Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?
The Recommender wrote a really beautiful review of the album and the way they see the music is in many ways similar to my vision. Also the Danish newspaper ‘Information’, which my parents read my entire upringing wrote that my voice was “moaning like a sweater lost in a bush"… in a good way! Cooool.

What can we expect from Asbjørn in 2013?
Like I said, new stuff is boiling in the studio and that also means change in the live set-up. Still the good old boys but new instruments and approach to playing the songs. It’s basically gonna be even more organic, hand-played and raw while still containing the clubby electronic feeling.

Who you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?
I’d like to bring all of my extremely inspiring and fascinating music playmates; Soffie Viemose, Islets of Dust and Boho Dancer. And then we would do a whole fucking festival, god dammit!

Asbjørn online

Acts to Watch ‘13 - SURES

Which moments defined SURES in 2012?
The year has been pretty good to us, I found myself saying ‘holy shit’ after checking our emails a lot. The tours we did earlier in the year have been the most fun I’ve ever had and I feel lucky to have done them. It’s been pretty crazy though, we formed at the end of last year and had to learn how to be a band while on the road. Still learning.

Who or what influences you?
Everything, you’ll be able to find traces of what an artist likes in their stuff, attitude and tastes come through. You can probably guess how old we are from our songs just because it’s the kind of stuff a post teen would write. On the music side of things though I find listening to heaps of different kinds of music helps understand music better, it’s like getting new tools to build a house.

Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?
I’ve heard some people see similarities in our live set and late 90’s, early naughties punk bands like Blink and Brand New. I’m pretty stoked on it, we grew up on that stuff and still stand by it these days. Jonas’s voice has that emo tone to it that probably came from too many Dashboard Confessional covers at 14 too, so it kind of makes sense.

What can we expect from SURES in 2013?
We’re always writing and every so often we’ll write a few songs that are a little different and be like ‘fuck everything else let’s just do this.’ Now we’ve got batches of different sounding stuff and we’re trying to whittle the songs down to a release. So hopefully you’ll see something over the next few months.

Who you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?
I’m going to take some liberties and put Gaga in first support, Perry in main and call the show Babefest.

SURES online

Acts to Watch ‘13 - LULS

Which moments defined LULS in 2012?
The defining moments of 2012 for us as a band…..hmmm. I guess the top five, in chronological order would be…..

First putting music online. “Every Generation Has A Legend. Every Journey Has A First Step. Every Saga Has A Beginning”…or something

Recording our song ‘Swing Low’ knowing middle of the road legend Chris de Burgh was in the studio down stairs. I bumped into him in the toilet….he didn’t look happy.

The release of our debut single ‘Swing Low/Young’ through ParadYse records. It’s a good feeling when your music is pressed on to polyvinyl chloride and released in limited quantities on a medium that most of the population don’t have the equipment to use.

Playing at Shepherds Bush Empire w/ Spector/Splashh/Swim Deep. Pretty amazing to play such a big home town show, with such great bands so early on.

Going on tour with Crystal Castles. They are a band I’ve been a fan of for a long time, the venues were big and the crowds were great.

Who or what influences you?
It’s weird, some of the biggest influences on me musically growing up seem to have had no impact on the band. I’m a massive fan of both Johnny Marr and The Mars Volta…maybe I’m just deluded but I can’t hear either of them in our music.

Initially TV On The Radio and Yeah Yeah Yeahs were a big influence on us and how we thought we wanted to sound. They were our starting point. I guess everyone must have that, then as you develop you gradually move further and further away from what is basically emulation and start doing something that sounds a bit more like you.

Now I think it’s more a case of being influenced a very little bit by a large number of different bands/artists. Basically now we have a better idea of what the band is about, we can listen to something seeming unrelated and find bits to like and take influence from. Whether that’s Deftones’ ‘Digital Bath’ or Nikki Minaj’s ‘Beez In The Trap’ just sort of depends on my mood.

Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?
Well I guess the good thing about nearly all the reviews I’ve seen describing our sound is that generally they reference completely different bands. I’ve seen comparisons drawn between us and everyone from Yeasayer to My Bloody Valentine to….er… KISS. I guess that means we don’t just sound like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs tribute act I’d initially hoped to be…which in the long run is probably a good thing.

The descriptions I’ve actually enjoyed reading the most were from when we first put music online. They preceded us having a press release and I think that means they are a more honest picture of what that person thought of our music. They had nothing to go on so had to draw their own comparisons. Obviously if you are handed a piece of paper detailing out what a band are about and their influences it’s going to affect your thoughts on their music.

In terms of any descriptions resonating with us, someone once described our songs as having “multiple engines”. I had and have no idea what that means, but I like the way it sounds.

What can we expect from you in 2013?
I don’t really know what to expect from 2013, never mind what 2013 can expect from us. All the interviews we have done since September have asked what our plans are for 2013. Do people really think that far ahead? I’d like to say my lack of foresight is because I live in the moment but I spend most of my time analysing the past and fearing the future.

Actually I know we will be releasing our second single early next year. Then we’ll be off touring for a bit, hopefully that will be followed by an album…you know the usual band stuff.

Who would you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?
Hmm..that’s difficult. It’s a bit unfair on whoever I name as a support because they will almost certainly be bigger than us at this point….and probably at the point we play our imaginary Brixton show too.

If we are talking total fantasy and forgetting suitability/having any continuity in the line up then….The Hives, Mastodon, Battles. I haven’t managed to see any of those bands live so this would be my chance.

If we are talking actual new bands I’d like to play with/are probably a more realistic option then there is this new band called Pale. Check them out, I’m a massive fan.

LULS online

Acts to Watch ‘13 - Mt. Wolf

Which moments defined Mt. Wolf in 2012?
The first big moment would have to be the response to our initial demos on Soundcloud. When you first unleash music into the world it’s such a stab in the dark. For people to listen to, let alone like our tracks was a real buzz. 2012 had some great live moments for us too, notably our shows in the US culminating in a gig in the Nevada Desert. It all feels quite apocryphal now.

Who or what influences you?
With the four of us working together there’s a lot that is brought to the table in terms of influence. Collectively we’re influenced by a desire to make new sounds that are evocative and expressive. More specifically we listen to and take influence from a broad range of stuff old and new – anything from Fleetwood Mac and Chris Isaak to Grimes and Tipper. Tipper at Symbiosis Gathering this year was incredible.
Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?
Our mention in Clash’s Ones To Watch longlist recently springs to mind: “…psych flavoured, trippy folkish-electronic sound, Sigur Ros-like ethereal soundscapes and sensual vocals spread over four-minute-plus opuses make for one intoxicating aural bliss-out from this London-based quartet.” We’ve also been described as “swirling in a James Blake meets Sigur Ros kaleidoscope" - a reference that we all enjoyed!

What can we expect from Mt. Wolf in 2013?
We are putting the finishing touches to a new EP due out early in the new year and gearing up for our headline show at XOYO on 28th February. That’s going to be a big moment for us.

Who would you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?
Radiohead. We reckon they could be ready?

Mt. Wolf online

Which moments defined Incan Abraham in 2012?
Getting love from France after SXSW, hanging with many music friends in New York in October, and the whole process of “Springhouse” — recording with Niko Bolas, designing and printing the vinyl, and releasing it to a gracious packed house at the Echo.

Who or what influences you?
Alan Watts, Alejandro Jodorowsky, minimal techno, and LA when it’s a little cold, but still sunny.

Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?
Our drummer Andrew referred to us as a “Peruvian Disco Experience” last week. We liked that.

What can we expect from Incan Abraham in 2013?
A new video in January, a West Coast tour in Late Jan / early Feb, and a full length by Fall, God/Allah willing.

Who you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?
Daniel Avery DJ set. Because he never comes to LA and we want to see him.

Incan Abraham online

Acts to Watch ‘13 - Wanderhouse

Which moments defined Wanderhouse in 2012?
Putting out our first tune “Use Me Up” and having it go to #1 on Hype Machine was definitely a defining moment - we had  0 expectations for the song. It was a great feeling to see people embrace it so quickly.

Who or what influences you?
We are always influenced by other artists. This year we have been listening to a bunch of new and old favorites… Tricky, AlunaGeorge, Bjork, Fiona Apple, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Bright eyes, foxes, Jessie Baylin, Joanna Newsom, Fleetwood Mac. I’ve also found a lot of inspiration in other art forms - especially comedy. One of my favorite TV shows is Louis CK’s “Louie.” I’m not exactly sure why, but every time I watch it, I want to go into the studio and make music afterwards

Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?
We really enjoyed this review via Aerial Noise - “Wanderhouse encircle a fragile, giddy arrangement marvellously and flirt inside the twisted ambience of falling in & out of consciousness sumptuously. Using orchestra tensions and vocal sharpness in their own carefully built house of marvel, this is an excursion that you won’t ever want to return from.

What can we expect from Wanderhouse in 2013?
More music! We are very excited to kick off the year with a new song called “Sugar” and hope to shoot our first music video soon.

Who you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?

Acts to Watch ‘13 - FISHING

Which moments defined Fishing in 2012?
I think everything just got a bit more real when we stopped studying/working and started doing creative stuff as our primary life thing. It’s a really exciting and slightly scary affair because we really don’t know what’s going to happen.

Who or what influences you?
I guess part of making sample based music is being really influenced by what we find on tapes and records. Finding cool instrument timbres or drum hits is a really satisfying process and the sounds that we find or choose guide the music we make to a certain extent.

Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?
We don’t tend to read our own press too much, but the descriptions of Fishing as ‘instrumental’ are really complimentary. The idea of it kind of being all about the instruments and tones in the music is a real nice thing. Also I think when it’s described as ‘instrumental’ there’s maybe a bit less of an emphasis put on the electronic side of things. Saying something is instrumental kind of implies a humanising quality, like if there were ‘instrumentalists’ playing the music. It’s nice to think of our music as a human thing even though it’s all written on computers and electronic things.

What can we expect from you in 2013?
We’re going to be releasing an album and a remix EP early in the year. For the rest of the time, it’s a complete mystery!

Who you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?
Probably invite some of our local bros over for a party: Guerre, Nakagin, Albatross, Collarbones…. There’s a lot of us, it’d probably have to be a long gig!

FISHING online

Acts to Watch ‘13 - DIANA

Which moments defined DIANA in 2012?

Standing highway side on the Ontario 401 watching smoke billow out of the tour van we had borrowed, 150 km away from a gig that we were already late for, cold but laughing our asses off. Luckily we all fit in the tow truck and the gig went great. The van, however, was completely dead.

Who or what influences you?

Carmen: 89% cocoa content chocolate and overpriced wallets
Joseph: The subtle nuances of flavour in every bite of smartfood (do you have smartfood in the UK?)
Paul: My own beautiful beard.
Kieran: Making up fake influences for my bandmates

Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?

Here are two that at the least make me laugh.
make time go slower in a soft flowing heatwave…
DIANA is from Toronto. They are the best band I saw at CMJ. Get ready for them. They will play on spaceships soon.”

What can we expect from DIANA in 2013?

A full length release!! But first 2 12” vinyl singles with incredible remixes. One will be available by the time most people read this! We’ll also be hard at work writing new songs as the full is already completed, and playing a lot of shows, definitely UK and european touring is in the plans as well!

Who you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?

Well if you mean a UK act then how about Sparks? They still perform right? Although i think we’d have to support them, either way they’re amazing…

Acts to Watch ‘13 - K H U S H I

Which moments defined KHUSHI in 2012?

Highlight of 2012 was probably Huw Stephen’s spinning Seven Years Old and Magpie on In New Music We Trust. Nice affirming moment and made me excited for year to come.

Who or what influences you?

Lots of people influence me. Most recently Kendrick Lamar has inspired me, his music is needless to say completely different from mine but just in the way he’s come along and raised the game and the commitment he has the artistry of what he does is inspiring whatever kind of music you’re making. Jessie Ware, Frank Ocean and Alt-J were standout albums for me last year.

Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?

There was a nice description of Magpie on a site called Generator that I thought got at quite well what I’m trying to do: “On KHUSHI’s recent track, ‘Magpie’, an assured vocal tone and cutting lyrics tumble from lips, muted guitars mimic violins and careering drums drag root notes behind them. The entire song has a minimalist structure – starting small and ending big – and a brooding pulse that picks dirt up as it rolls. It does nothing less than entices you to explore more. With an exciting career ahead of him, here’s to everyone doing the same.”

What can we expect from KHUSHI in 2013?

2013 will bring lots of gigs as live band is ready and rearing to go now, so look out for updates on that on facebook.com/khushimusic. It’ll also most likely bring single releases and festival appearances and hopefully an album too. Looking forward to it.

Who you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?

Ha, who would I pick to support me at Brixton Academy next year? Prince, cos I never got to see him at hop farm and I fear I’ll never get a chance again. Think he’d probably do a decent job of warming the crowd up too…

Acts to Watch ‘13 - Deafkid

Which moments defined Deafkid in 2012?
End of the summer touring with Ghostpoet when we decided to take the band full time. The AA side single ‘Talk & Pig’ released on Nov 12th, first Radio 1 plays and starting gigging.

Who or what influences you?
Musically there is so much, we both have diverse music collections and Deafkid is an attempt to tie them all together. But we’re also hugely influenced by our environment and try to incorporate natural sounds such as twigs snapping, water running,etc…

Have you heard or read any descriptions of your sound that resonate in particular?
We’re both really happy with the reaction we’ve had from reviewers and bloggers etc, many of the write-ups are pretty accurate, some really pulling our tracks apart and going into great detail which we love to read. Comments on irregular rhythms, unusual instrumentation and production techniques as well as blending genres seem to feature heavily. Not everyone will get what we’re trying to do and that’s fine, just pleased its getting a reaction.

What can we expect from Deafkid in 2013?
There will be a new AA side single in Spring, we’re working on new tracks and visuals for the new year and lots of gigs.

Who you pick to support you at Brixton Academy next year?
Haha difficult question, Well its still early days for us as Deafkid and not too many headline shows under our belts. Thinking ahead there’s a few cheeky answers we could give you but we don’t wanna cause a blogging war! Just small new bands who are working there arses off to get heard.

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